Professor Meiklejohn’s Grammar And History of the English Language (1886) - a modern edition

What does the English classroom teacher, tutor or guide need more than a readable and reliable source of English language instruction which:

  • explains the English language in a clear and simple fashion?
  • offers easy-to-understand examples?
  • answers the same questions about English as were asked 100 years ago?
  • repeats definitions and explanations at the time you need them?
  • uses excerpts from English literature to explain English grammar?
  • uses excerpts from English history to help teach the English language?
  • allows the student of English to see the same patterns that they have been shown in other
    languages they’ve studied?
  • describes the origin of familiar sayings and expressions?
  • provides two indexes: one at the start of the lessons on English grammar and one after them?
  • provides constant cross-referencing of difficult terms so that you’ll know and remember the terms
    when you see them again?
  • includes meaningful exercises, each of them indexed to the English language lesson from which they originate?

Written in 1886 by the founder of the education department of the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, this is a modern revised edition of a book which was successfully used by instructors all over the world in the 19th C.

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